Mahindra Zen Floor Plan

Mahindra Zen Floor Plan is a scaled diagram that shows you the layout of the apartments of this project. Mahindra Lifespaces designed the floor plan for this project. It comprises beautifully planned floor sizes in apartments considering the carpet and super-built area.

Mahindra Zen has three types of floor plan. It consists of 3, 3.5 and 4 BHK in 2 towers of 25 floors each. Sizes of the apartments range from 1800 sqft to 2500 ft. It is spread over 4.5 acres, having 250 units.

Apartments with a nice view of parks, clubhouses, play areas, or gardens are considered special and might cost more. Planning these apartments shows what's important in this community and how it will improve life for the people here. It's all about offering a great lifestyle. The project is near Mahindra Singsandra.

Types of Floor Plans

Mahindra Zen 1 BHK Floor Plan

Mahindra Zen 1 BHK Floor Plan includes a foyer, one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen with an attached utility area, and a balcony. This type of studio or Mahindra Zen 1 BHK home is perfect for smaller families or individuals with a more compact lifestyle. It provides all the essential spaces and features for comfortable living in a single-bedroom apartment.

Mahindra Zen 2 BHK Floor Plan

Mahindra Zen 2 BHK Floor Plan includes a foyer, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen with an attached utility area, and a balcony. These Mahindra Malgundi 2 BHK homes are an excellent choice for nuclear families with one or two children, as they provide a bit more space, which is especially useful when there are kids in the household. The extra bedroom offers flexibility and room for family members to have their own space.

Mahindra Zen 3 BHK Floor Plan

Mahindra Zen 3 BHK Floor Plan consists of a foyer, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen with an attached utility area, and a balcony. These spacious Mahindra Zen 3 BHK apartments are an ideal choice for larger families, especially when there are elderly family members. They provide ample space and privacy for each individual while fostering a sense of togetherness and connectivity within the family unit. These homes are built to meet the needs of extended families and offer a comfortable living environment.

Each apartment at Mahindra Zen is designed with your safety in mind. Electrical wires are securely enclosed, and high-quality cables are used to ensure safety. Plenty of electrical plug points are in the living rooms and bedrooms for your convenience.

Every residential building has elevators to accommodate residents and help with moving goods. The flooring is top-grade vitrified or granite tiles, ensuring a high-quality finish. The Mahindra Zen takes great care to use the best materials to create a comfortable and pleasant home environment for you.

The Mahindra Zen Floor Plan reflects the luxurious lifestyle it offers to all residents, whether it's a smaller or larger configuration. Here, you can enjoy every aspect of your dream home, surrounded by serenity and positive vibes.

It's important to note that changes to the floor plan won't be allowed after registration. However, the builder assures that they've created spacious layouts to meet the needs of different families and individuals.

Mahindra Lifespaces is a famous real estate developer in India, known for setting new standards in living with their landmark creations. The legacy continues with Mahindra Zen, where luxury meets tranquility, providing the best living experience in the pristine surroundings of Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the available types of floor plans in Mahindra Zen apartments?

The project offers lavish 1, 2, and 3 BHK floor plans.

2. How much will the floor rise charges be?

The builder will decide the floor rise charges once the project is launched.

3. What does a typical 2 BHK include?

A typical 2 BHK will have a foyer, kitchen, living area, and two bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

4. Can we choose to change the flooring?

Changes to the flooring are not allowed. You can make changes once the registration is completed.

5. Will there be a model flat available with these plans?

A model flat will be available after the project is officially launched.

Mahindra Lifespaces- The Renowned Builder

Mahindra Lifespaces, a subsidiary of the renowned Mahindra Group, debuted in the real estate sector in 1994 as Mahindra Realty and Infrastructure Developers Limited. Since its inception, it has become a prominent player in India's real estate and infrastructure development industry, reflecting the Mahindra Group's core philosophy of 'Rise.'

With a remarkable portfolio of 48 residential projects, the company has left its mark in nine key cities across India. Its commitment to quality and excellence is evident through completing 19.87 million square feet of residential developments. What's equally impressive is their ongoing and forthcoming projects, spanning an impressive 13.71 million square feet.

Mahindra Lifespaces' dedication to sustainability and innovation has earned it a distinguished reputation. It ranks second in the Development and Standing Investment benchmark category for Asia in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

The company continues to shape India's real estate landscape, embodying the values and commitment to 'Rise' that define the Mahindra Group's legacy.

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